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About us



We are visionary technicians, we design solutions, we specialize in customization. We are qualified people to deal with, who keep our feet firmly on the ground and focus on the future. At Gruppo Aro, we have been designing, developing and producing labels and rolls with this attitude for forty years. Because we know that everything evolves and that offering real solutions does not mean keeping up with the times, but anticipating them. For example, not thinking in terms of pre-packaged products, but of problem solving: understanding needs and offering targeted, precise and complete answers. We start from a safe base: we use only quality raw materials, guarantee the maximum speed of reaction, and know all the regulations in depth. And we approach every need and every industry, always going beyond standards and customizing every solution. This is the only way we can create true value.


We believe in innovation, the real one. So much so that we have created ARO Evolution Department, the department in which we develop products and services with highly innovative content. Because labels and rolls encompass a very broad range, which includes different products depending on the industry and the type of application. But, above all, it changes with time, thanks to the arrival of new visions and new technologies. From paper to multimedia to interactivity, today more than ever, producing labels and rolls requires a spirit of innovation and the ability to overcome the boundaries of what already exists. 


At Gruppo Aro, we believe that today the respect for the environment requires care and action. And that this is a responsibility towards oneself and towards one's customers and suppliers. For this reason, we have committed ourselves and obtained the international and independent FSC certification, which certifies that we only use products from controlled deforestation areas. We take all possible solutions to protect the environment: low-energy machinery that eliminates solvents from production processes, highly recyclable and biodegradable materials, water-soluble adhesives. And we power our plant with a photovoltaic system to achieve zero-impact processes.

This operation is the result of a careful analysis of the benefits for the customer and a new internal reorganization.

This allows existing customers to take advantage of a single contact for orders and quotes and, for new customers, to receive a full service.
And innovation continues with Leonardo Label, the new technology for multimedia and interactive labels!