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M-easy Protective Masks

Safety to wear with ease.


Protecting yourself and others is a natural instinct, which developed further after the lockdown caused by the Covid-19 global pandemic.

The provisions of institutions and the increasingly established habit of maintaining social distancing have matured in all of us the need to feel safe.
Especially when we frequent public places, supermarkets, offices, stores, shopping malls.

M-easy is the protective mask of the Aro Group’s Health Protection Solutions division, a filtering mask for civil use dedicated to personal protection, especially in community situations, even in the presence of the obligation of social distancing.

Easy to wear, comfortable, available in different colours and decorations, M-easy represents a personal protective garment for daily use, which can also be combined with surgical or medical masks of other types.

The characteristics of the M-easy protective masks make them suitable for any type of person and context:
- they have an anti-bacterial treatment.
- thanks to the material and ergonomic shape with which they are made, they guarantee maximum comfort, even in case of prolonged use.
- they are produced in water-repellent fabric with water-resistant treatment.
- they can also be worn in combination with a surgical or other recommended protective mask.
- they are eco-friendly.
- they are washable and reusable.
- they are totally Made in Italy.

M-easy protective masks are available in different sizes - for adults and children - to offer maximum ergonomics and comfort of use.
You can also choose among many colour and decoration variations:
- single colour masks.
- masks with colour gradient.
- masks with Camouflage decoration.
- masks with B-world decoration.
- masks with floral decoration.
- masks with Aloha decoration.
- masks with emojis.
- masks with decoration for children.
- possibility of graphic customizations.

Download the presentation to discover all the available decorations.

Download the presentation of M-easy protective masks

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