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Sanitizing sachets

The simple and effective solution for hand hygiene.


The certainty of not having germs or bacteria on their hands is now a requirement of every person, especially in work environments, whether they are offices or industrial production areas, and in commercial ones, such as large scale distribution branches or stores.

To sanitize your hands is a gesture of protection for yourself and for others.

For this reason, the Aro Group’s Health Protection Solutions division has developed a line of single-dose hand sanitizing sachets that are easy, effective and immediate to use, in collaboration with the company Apricux, a specialist in the production of snap-opening sachets.

Aro Group’s hand sanitizing sachets offer important advantages:
- they are available in standard or customizable versions.
- they are disposable, for greater safety.
- they have a snap-opening system, suitable for all people and in every context.
- they do not contain air inside, to guarantee longer life and integrity of the product.
- they are available in sizes from 0.25 ml up to 25 ml.


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