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V-EASY Face Protection

Guaranteed protection and total comfort.


Those who carry out a task that exposes them to contact with fluids, be they drops or splashes, need, today more than ever, devices that are easy to use and of absolute effectiveness that protect the area of the face: the airways and the eyes.
Not only those who carry out particular processes in every production sector, but also operators in close contact with the public who, due to the type of service or the task performed, cannot maintain the recommended social distance.

V-EASY QC 500 is the disposable protective visor developed by the Health Protection Solutions division of Gruppo Aro, which not only guarantees effective protection but is simple to use and very comfortable: light, adjustable, anti-fog.

V-EASY QC 500 represents a personal protection solution of the highest level:
- its transparent PET screen provides a physical barrier that totally protects the face.
- the use of PET 500 microns ensures compliance with resistance standards.
- it is the lightest on the market: it weighs only 57 gr.
- it is simple to wear: the band fits directly on the screen.
- it can also be used with glasses and masks, without fogging.
- it is the most ergonomic.
- the visor in PET is 100% recyclable.
- the headband is made of EVA, a material resistant to the attack of fungi and bacteria.
- all materials are hypoallergenic and non-toxic.
- it is customizable.
- it is certified 1S-EN166 3.

The V-EASY QC 500 facial protection visor is comfortable, ergonomic and lightweight and has obtained the CE EN 166 certification. It is the product of the experience and expertise of Gruppo Aro and Grafts, Aro’s partner company in the development of this product.

V-EASY QC 500: Quality from materials.

The materials used to produce the V-EASY QC 500 disposable protective visor have been chosen for the characteristics they offer:
- the screen is made of 0.5 mm thick, highly transparent, anti-reflective and resistant to impact and chemicals.
- the band is made of EVA, an ethylene-vinyl acetate foam, with a thickness of 20 mm, soft and comfortable, not attackable by bacteria and fungi, hypoallergenic, non-toxic, breathable, with a shape that avoids sweat to descend along the forehead and with a cut that allows the visor to hook easily.

In addition, to safeguard the characteristics of these materials, all processes have been done in “cold”, without the use of laser, microwave or other cutting systems that alter the structure of the materials themselves.

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